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A-L64 (Run 60s 2.0 shoes white/black/grey one) 92295630

A-L64 (Run 60s 2.0 shoes white/black/grey one) 92295630

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Running shoes for men are distinguished by precision of workmanship, unique appearance and attention to user satisfaction. The material from which the upper is made (suede) provides great protection and the right weight of the shoe. Very good vapor permeability is also very important - thanks to this, water effectively escapes to the outside. A strong sole made of a special compound is equipped with a profile that provides great grip while running. Modern solutions used in the construction of are responsible for the perfect fit and cushioning, thus minimizing the risk of injury. This model of running shoes Adidas guarantees optimal thermal comfort all year and is the right choice for running enthusiasts, combining comfort, beautiful design and great performance parameters.

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